Same Problem listed in partially solved and practice section

Codechef’s new feature of partial solving, which segregates partially solved problems from completely solved ones still has this one issue. I have 2 problems in the partially solved section which I solved completely. But as it turns out the problems now appear both in partially solved and practice section of my solved problems list.
It’s causing more confusion if anything else. Please get this corrected as soon as possible.

The same problem is listed in both partially solved and practice section is because you were unable to solve that problem entirely (full score of 100%) during the contest, but later solved it completely.

Partially solved problems during contest will remain in the list of problems partially solved.
But if some one (you) completely solves that problem after the contest, it will be added to the practice section (note that it will be added, not moved to practice section). So it will be shown in both the sections.

The possible reason for it to be kept in the partially solved section is to indicate that you were successful to solve it partially during the contest. This is be useful to track down the problems which were solved (partially or completely) during a live contest.

For challenge problems solved during the contest, they will remain in the successfully solved section unlike partially solved problems (at least as of now).

This is nothing new, even when there was no partially solved problem section, any contest problem (you solved during contest) when solved later after the contest used to appear in the practise section too along with the contest problems solved.

@foolan I guess you are a little bit confused.
The problems on the main profile are listed as follows :

If you have solved a problem during a live contest, then it is visible along with the “CONTEST CODE”.
Similarly, if you solve a question not listed in any contest, i.e. practice section, then it is listed under “Practice Problems”.

It is not due to Partially solving.

Happy programming… :slight_smile:

@skbly7 dude all I’m trying to say is once a problem is completely solved it should be removed from the partially solved section. If the problem still listed in that section it gives an illusion that the particular problem in partially solved and not completely solved.

I participated in OCT’17 long challenge. Solved a problem and got 100pts for it, but still it is showing up in the partially solved section. Why?