SAARC Coding Contest

There is a SAARC coding Contest is bieng organised by ACM@IITD on 16th march. This is a team contest. Maximum of three member are allowed. And it is a 5 hour contest with not more than 9 qusetions. Participating nations are India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Srilanka.

For More Info click on this LINK

Remember to check if your university is listed here

If your university is not registered you have to register it first.

For the competition you should be a student of any University in participating countries. :slight_smile:

Facebook Page is
Happy coding


Where is the Onsite Contest held?

The link says the following:

Registration for Universities Closes on 10th February, 2013

Has this deadline been extended or is it too late for registration?

yes ^ same question.

@nihalb, @aichemzee Go on and register!


4 places in India IIT delhi, Jamia Milia Delhi, NSIT delhi, and Heritage institute of technology, Kolkata

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Registrations are still on :slight_smile: May be they forgot to change the details


Thank you…