Runtime error

Can taking an array of size 1000 result in runtime error?
Also how much is the memory limit for questions in general as it is not specified?

Hey, i guess you have a wrong notion about runtime error. Runtime errors are of 3 types mainly :- SIGSEGV - This is caused when you use an undeclared portion of memory in your program. For example - U create an array of say 10000 and then somewhere in your program you unknowingly go ti a[10003]. This will give you a runtime error. As you have only declared 0 to 9999 indexed memory and using 10003.

2.) SIGFPE - This is a floating point error, generally caused when you are unknowingly dividing by zero in something. It is undefined and hence, the behaviour.

3.) SIGABRT - This is an abrupt termination of a program. For eg:- if u call abort() somewhere.

These are the three main types. However there are more which you will rarely find. For details u can refer to . So just creating an array of any size ownt cause you a runtime. But accessing an index out of your declared index will.

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