Runtime Error(NZEC)

Can anyone please help me with this runtime error. My code is working correctly for all testcases I can think of. Is it because of some corner cases that it is showing runtime error?? If it does then please give me some corner cases and the expected output so that I can adjust my code accordingly.

@utkarshdiwaker : Which problem are you talking about ? You should give link to problem and also to your solution ,if I am to help . How can I give you corner cases without knowing which problem you are talking about .

I hope you are not talking about a current contest problem . If that’s the case then wait till the contest is over .

This is about the current contest that’s why I cant share my code over here till the contest is over. i just want to know what are the possible reasons for this kind of error.

@utkarshdiwaker Following link states possible reasons for NZEC.

Why do I get an error called NZEC

Hope it helps, Best Luck :slight_smile: