runtime error in chef jumping

hi…i submitted my code in c language written in codeblocks. But it is showing runtime error.what should i do?

use , but make your code private !

it is saying that the standard input is empty…what does it mean??

thanks i used it.but it is also showing only runtime error.but it is not showing what is the error!!

There is a stdin box below the code. Enter whatever input you want to give to your code here. Also refer to this FAQ for information on common errors

it is showing proper output.but still it is showing like this after running:
Runtime error #stdin #stdout 0s 2296KB

You are getting the NZEC runtime error (Which can be found by hovering over the Runtime Error icon).

It stands for Non Zero Exit Code

with regards to C , this usually means that your code terminated without returning zero.
make sure your code follows this template.

//other includes
int main()
  //your logic

  return 0;

And start using Google

add a return zero at the end. refer to faq

thanks …its working…bt now it is showing wrong answer…is there any possible way from where i can see the correct ans???