RUN TIME DIFFERENCE between using Integer and int in JAVA

In JAVA is there any difference in using Integer and int at run time ??

1.Integer n[] = new Integer[100000]; n[]= new int[1000000];

on solving this question i got AC when i used Integer,but got TLE when i used int.My code for that problem is

plzz explain the difference of using them and why much time is taking while using primitive data type int.

This might be useful to you to read:




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As I can see, there is a note:

Please be careful that answer might not fit in 32 bit data type.

Typically using Integer is slower comparing to int as far as I know. Please post submission links.

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    1 st one giving TLE and 2nd one giving AC.

I see now, the reason is in Arrays.sort(c); - when primitive types are used, quicksort is used, when Objects (like Integer) merge sort is used.

Codeforces, unfortunatelly, has anti quicksort inputs, I really hate this… If you want try to shuffle before sorting and you will see, but there is not easy (one liner) way how to do that in Java :frowning:

If you decide to do so, look at Fisher–Yates shuffle (this was in Google Code Jam 2014 also - here).

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When you use integer merge sort is used, while using int quick sort is used so an anti-quick sort input would lead to TLE.

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@u_seem_surprsd is correct merge sort instead of heap sort - fixed

ok !! merge sort takes o(n*log n) for worst case but quicksort takes o(n^2) for worst case…