RRSTONE - Please help

Hai there,I am struck in the problem RRStone in may challenge. Can anyone retify my code. I have coded in Ideone , it’s works fine.But, I am still getting the wrong answer in codechef complier.I have tagged the updated code in this link.http://ideone.com/gvnp7a

i think when k=0 u r printing extra numbers…http://ideone.com/Plnk6Z

just 1 suggestion…pls indent ur code properly…it helps, not only others but also u, in understanding the code…also bugs can be traced a bit easily…:slight_smile:

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I have flushed my codes here http://ideone.com/hafiFJ still getting the wrong answer

are u saying this is correct…http://ideone.com/CZlBG6 ???

ok… sorry

no need to be sorry…mistakes happen…:slight_smile: