RRSTONE Checkpoint

I have gotten a WA for a couple of times now. Suppose you have an input like 5 2 and you input 2 3 7 8 omitting the last number. What am I suppose to get with this? Is the last absent number to be assumed 0 or catered for in some way? I simply quit the program when N != input.length. Is this wrong?

numbers will always be equal to 5

You do not need to worry as the input is always according to the format specified. If first input is 5 2 then number of numbers will exactly be 5. You also do not need to do any other checks on input. it will always follow the format specified

Just follow the constraints and read what the problem asks you to read.

What do you mean by this?

He wants to say that if it is given that number of inputs is 5, then 5 numbers will be provided

Still getting WA, there has to be something to this. Using Java

Ok, thank you.

We cannot provide more help, review your code and see if it works for all sorts of input. I’m closing this question now.

If you can’t solve by tomorrow (when the contest finishes) we will help you debug your code.