ROBOGAME - issues with the answer

I was going through Robogame submitted answers and I found that most of the codes had a flaw even they passed all the test cases for cases like

…3…3… [if both starts to the same direction on same time]

they would never collide with each other so correct me if I’m wrong and I would like to see the code which can take care of such situations

Well, it’s given in question that robot can start at any time and not simultaneously i.e., according to the above-given case if robot at cell 4 start at ‘t’, it isn’t necessary for the robot at cell 8 to start at ‘t’ it could start at ‘t+4’ also.

But the catch is that each of the robots can start their journey at any time. They don’t all have to start at the same second. It won’t stop once it starts moving though. And they all move at the same speed of one cell per second, once they start.” - quoted from question

In this question it doesn’t matter if there is a way for robots to not collide, what matters is if there is a way for robots to collide. If there is a way for robots to collide then it is unsafe, if there is no way for robots to collide whatever time they start then it is safe.

I hope that cleared your query.

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"The robots have gained consciousness, and have begun questioning their purpose in life. So given a chance, they will collide with each other and end their misery." - quoted from the problems description

The robot is inclined to self-destruct,despite of the possibility to avoid destruction.

Hope this helps.