Restriction on submissions per minute

I know that the restriction of 1 submission per 30 seconds is put because people submit a lot of codes continuously. But i think that it is only for challenge problem.
Then why is this restriction put for all questions? Isn’t it annoying to others as well, or its just me? :frowning:


expecting an answer @admin :slight_smile:

Patience is a virtue :slight_smile:

May be, we will earn/learn some, in addition to insights in programming! :wink:

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For me, 30 seconds isn’t much of a problem. Anything more than that may be annoying

@sumnath232 i feel 20 should do. i click on submit, wait for the verdict and after i get the verdict again i go back to the question page so that i can edit my previous code/solution but then i realize i cant even edit it there! At least the submit page should be open maybe submission itself should be blocked for 30 secs not the whole page itself. If you know what i mean :slight_smile: