Require a list of tutorials posted on codechef

I have seen a lot of good tutorials on codechef but I am unable to find them properly as with time, new questions overcrowd the forum (discuss.codechef). I have seen a couple of discussions on required algorithms and data structure for competitive coding. Has there been any discussion where links to all the tutorials (on codechef only) is posted? If so, kindly provide the link.

Here are a few (recent articles) I found. I am sure there are much more available.

extended euclid algorithm

persistent segment tree

merge sort tree

Intro to graph

suffix array

debugging NZEC

bit masking



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There is an extensive list of topics and tutorials here. Why do you want the tutorials “on Codechef only”?


I have seen this link. But as I said, with more and more questions being asked, many tutorials are not accessible that easily now. They might give some different approach or different way of explanation. So searching those.