Requesting pinned post

I have been quite active on the discussion forum from past 10 days. I have been answering as much queries as I can answer correctly. One thing that I commonly find in the queries asked by new users is that they do not format their questions properly, also sometimes they are not able to add correct tags to their questions, and the result of that is either they do not get instant reply or the reply is not appropriate. To improve this I would like to request the @admin to pin a post related to, asking questions and answering them, on the top of the discuss page so that every new user could go through them before posting a question or a reply. The pinned post may contain the summarised information from the following posts:

  1. How do i tag my question
  2. What kinds of questions can i ask here
  3. How to use this forum
  4. How do i post a link to my code
  5. How to find questions asked by me

You can add anything else that you think I might have missed.


I cannot agree more here :wink: But we are still assuming that contestants search for answers, sometimes I have such feeling, they didn’t even try :frowning:


In my opinion, they think that it is too much of waste of time to search. That is the reason why I want a pinned post.