(Requesting Admins) - Python 3 Time Limits

This has been asked here before but no action seems to have been taken , because I tried submitting my Python 3 code for FCTRL today and got a TLE, then tried C++ with essentially the same logic and got AC, then tried Python 2.5 and that too got an AC

Could the admins please check what time limits are being used for the Python 3 interpreter and please tweak them as necessary.


@dtb_: We are looking into this. This should be resolved soon. Thanks for bringing this up.

to decrease your program’s execution time just add these two lines at the beginning of ur program :

import psyco

Psyco, unfortunately, doesn’t work with 2.7 or 3.x and is officially dead. See: http://psyco.sourceforge.net/ and http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/4315/does-codechef-still-has-the-psyco-module


the same code passes without casting to int explicitly

tc = int (input())
for i in range (0,tc):
		n = int (input())
		s = 0
		x = 5
		while (n/x >= 1):
		print (s)