Request to restart the contest from scratch.

There are many people who try to do problems on their own and devote huge amount of time to solve problems during contest, but by doing these types of checks when the contest is ongoing, and not before putting the problems in the contest, codechef is wasting time and energy of many people making them loose their enthusiasm to do the contest.
I devoted around 11 hours to solve CHEFBEST and about 5 hours to solve KBIGNUM.
I request codechef to cancel the current ongoing contest and restart it with all new problems.


This will not be happen as still 5 questions has been running! And many programmers have wasted such time in these ones!

But codechef will definitely extend the Date up to suitable days! So please wait and try the rest ones…

Date extension is the correct approach honey!

See, if you’re giving an exam, and its found that one of the Q is incorrect, they wont cancel the exam. They will correct/replace the Q and give extra time. You can’t be unfair to others who solved other Q except the wrong one.

I mean, as bansal stated, many people must have solved OTHER Q and cancelling contest will make their efforts go waste.

Time extension is however, very plausible and just (will do justice) as time is compensated. The only downside, which we cant fix, is that people who started with those 2 Q will be demotivated.

Guys, I will just request you to NOT TO LET THESE THINGS FADE YOUR PASSION AWAY!


I think contest can be made unrated. I spent 10 hrs to solve both the questions.This won’t decrease anyone’s rating. I am going to be busy upcoming weekend and the contest will decrease my rating.


I think we should leave this to the codechef team. Whatever they are doing and whatever they did was always in favor of the participants.

If you have any problem related to coechef then you can directly mail them at This is not a good way to request the codechef in this discussion session! I hope you will get my point.

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