Request to put up Editorial's on Codechef's Fb page as soon as contest ends.

Discuss almost always goes down for an hour at least after a contest ends, mainly because people are rushing to see the editorials. Even though the editorials are ready, we get to see it only on the next day only(unless you’re a night owl). Codechef’s servers can’t take the load I guess.

I’d like to request Codechef to put up editorials on their official Fb page or some other place which can bear the load at least until discuss is ready again.

  1. Latex will be highly inconsistent.
  2. Editorialist might have to make 2 versions this case- not efficient.
  3. You can check other’s solution till then- this should do for first 3 problems of cook off and first 2 of lunchtime. After that solutions need some effort to understand- but if you are willing, it can be better than editorials.
  4. Admins are looking at ways to optimize discuss to handle the load rather than temporary fixes at the moment.

1,2: A pdf file can be made out of the final editorial using any browser and that can be uploaded. Entire process would barely take 10 minutes for the entire set.

3: Most people tend to write ugly codes during short contests and even if you find a rare readable code, it’s pretty time consuming to try and understand from it.

4: This has been a problem since a while now. Until they fix it, this s quite an effortless temporary solution for it.


For your

1,2. I am not sure. Which browser are you recommending? Last time I checked, it was kind of hell and that directly copy pasting editorial didnt work. And online ones made the document a bit weird. any link you recommend?

3.Well, you gotta check good codes anyhow. Hunt for them :stuck_out_tongue: .

I completely agree with you @vijju123

Latex really mess up and will increase the work of editorialist as two different versions would be necessary. Also, if u want to see codes, you have to put the effort to find good codes.

Although i would like to recommend, if possible, to temporarily divert servers from websites like goodies.codechef and any other (if possible) so as to handle extra load at end of monthly challenges for few hours till load stabilise. Only a suggestion, expressed my view, without entire knowledge of working of servers. Hope admin dont mind.

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They have been working on solutions regarding this. Even they want discuss to be up and running full fledgedly during/after the contests. They are doing everything they can from their side…

@taran_1407 - AFAIK, they must have considered that earlier. I think it didnt exactly gave the benefit needed and hence was discarded. I will, nonetheless, forward this to them and see what they respond :slight_smile:

@vijju123 Right-click --> Print --> Save as pdf.

I think every browser supports it but I personally use chrome.

That seems feasible. I thought you were referring to online tools to convert to pdf and all. Those dont always work. I will forward this to @admin.

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Agree. Bad idea.