Request to Move Recent Competition Questions to practice section

Many a times we solve questions just after the contest ends, or maybe later. If the questions are not moved to practice section, we will never be able to evaluate our code. So its a polite request to the admin to move all questions of recent competitions to practice section.


Seriously!!! when will they put the ICPC 16-17 online questions into Practice ?? :confused:

Yaa! And there are other competitions too!

Also, why aren’t we able to view the solution of others. It doesn’t make any sense to hide them after the contest…

I reckon Codechef will be holding a Mirror Contest of the ICPC Prelims, that may be the reason as to why they didn’t shift the questions to practice and didn’t make the solutions visible.

I was talking about contests in general. Like there are several other University level competitions too, which are never moved. So that was a general appeal.

I want to request to please release Editorials of there cookoffs,lunchtime and challenge atleast.
As soon as possible.

@admin Any specific reason for not putting ACM-ICPC questions in Practice Problems?

People are guessing that a mirror might take place in a while!

University level competitions are moved to peer section in practice session.
Moreover you can submit the question by removing the contest name from URL.
e.g. The Problem URL is
It can be submitted in practice by opening the URL .

ACM - ICPC problems won’t be put up for practice until a mirror is conducted for the same. Codechef can’t put them directly to practice because it was not their internal contest.

try your logic on this question and u’ll realise what I meant: