Request to extend the submission date of the CodeChef API Hackathon

This is a humble request to the CodeChef authorities to extend the submission date of the CodeChef API Hackathon powered by Alibaba Cloud by about 5 days to 26 September 2018.

Most of the colleges have their mid-semester examinations starting this upcoming Monday. With about 2 days left, we need ample time to prepare for them. It will not be possible to work side-by-side on the Hackathon during the mid-semester examinations. For most of the participants, CodeChef API Hackathon was a first-time experience in developing such applications. The CodeChef API was introduced for the first time and I am sure it took the CodeChef community a lot of time to get their hands on it. Working on the hackathon required complete knowledge of using the CodeChef API, learning new languages, handling POST and GET requests and a lot of other things. It required an overwhelming amount of time to get familiar with things and start creating the application.

We are grateful to CodeChef and Alibaba Cloud for organizing the CodeChef API Hackathon that made us a learn a lot of useful things which otherwise we might never have thought of but at the same time a humble appeal to consider my above request.

Yes, I do agree with the point made by @rounak217. It would be great if the deadline to submit the application is extended by a few days. Due to midsemester examinations and September long challenge, there are areas which could be but are not explored yet. So, its a request to the CodeChef authorities to look into the matter and consider our request.

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Totally agree with the point. Being a CP community, a lot of participants are trying their hands at development for the first time. It will take a substantial understanding to work effortlessly on the API. Expect the team at Codechef to consider @rounak217 's request to extend the deadline for the Hacakathon how much ever possible.

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@admin, @vijju123 please help

@rounak217, we’ll get back to you soon on this.

@rounak217 , moving the discussion to [alibabacloud forum] (

UPDATE : Deadline for the submission has been extended to 1st October, 2018 00:00 IST.

All the best. Cheers! \m/

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