Request to Extend SEPT17's Deadline

It was an unexpected surprise when I discovered that SEPT17 had already started on the first day. I couldn’t check the scheduled time before as there was a religious festival on 2nd September in Bangladesh.

Moreover, many of us thought that this month’s Long Challenge would start from 4th September like August.

@admin So if the deadline for SEPT17 could be extended for another two or three days, we (the late participants) could equate the difference with others.

Why would you assume it would start on 4th of September? The contest usually starts on the first Friday of every month.


Man, this thread made me laugh so hard



Anyways, I managed to solve the problem I was desperate to do before today’s deadline.
Great to know that you had some fun.

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Looks like I didn’t know the fact of first Friday of the month.
…Will keep in mind from now, thanks!

I understand your concern but it was actually funny XD

@shrikantbadri bro I think you accidentally awarded me all your points, I’m not sure if you can take them back but if you can please do because now your reputation is negative

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Is there an option to transfer points and get bankrupt?

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Yes, right below the answer there are three options - “link”, “award Points” “report”. I believe shrikantbadri accidentally awarded all his points to me, and I’m not sure if he can take it back or not. But if he can - So, I’m asking him to take the points away, because his reputation is negative now

He cant take it. But of course, you can give him those points back. Happened with me some time back. Someone while experimenting gave me all of his 1k karma (LOL!). Thankfully, I was online that time so I immediately awarded those points back to him.

Goto any of his answers and use award point there. If that guy has no answers…well thats tricky then XD


@vijju123 done thank you