Request to Codechef to Held ICPC Replay rounds on Weekend or Evening.

Hey Codechef Team,
I remember reading somewhere that Replay of the Regional Rounds conducted will be held. I request you to try to schedule as many of them as you can on Weekend.(Saturday and Sunday) or held them @ Evening( from 7 p.m.).

The reason ( although sounds silly) is that my College has hyper-strict attendance policy (T_T) and absentees are not tolerated.

@vijju123 @meooow @ista2000 Please forward my request to admins.

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Cook-off and lunchtime at Sat and Sun as well. Can you elaborate your plan?

Codechef will host the Mirrors only when all the Regionals over India are over. So they might be hosting the Mirrors of 5 Regionals in January. COOK OFF and LTIME will be in last 2 weeks. So first 2 week’s Saturday and Sunday will be free. Further if they are ready to host in evening( say 7 pm to 12 am) they can held on any weekday.

I don’t know why codechef is hosting replays instead of a mirror round. Kharagpur site already uploaded their problem set on the official website. It would have been more fun and interesting to participate in the mirror round rather than replays.

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