Request to add practice problem links in the corresponding contest problems or make direct submissions from the contest problem after the contest has ended

Often we couldn’t solve a particular problem in a contest and after the contest we try to solve the problem maybe after reading the editorial. The problem is we have to go searching through the whole practice section in order to find the problem and make submissions for it. This problem would be greatly reduced if we could, directly from the contest problem, make submissions for the problem such that the submission would not be considered for the contest evaluation, or maybe a better alternative, include the link of the corresponding practice problem in the contest problem itself. This would greatly reduce the amount of time spent on just searching the problem through the practice section.

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Meanwhile you can do this to easily find your problem in the practice section.

Look for the code of the problem in the challenge and concatenate it at the end of the following .

For example if you are looking for the problem RAINBOWA you can do it like :


Do you know whats REALLY weird here?

The fact that even after reading editorial you fail to realize that editorial has practice link of the problem. I mean, pay attention to details dear.

Also, even worst to worst case, the method stated by @trashmaster holds true. Plus, just google the problem code, it also helps.

That’s true, but won’t it have been more convenient if the contest problem itself had the practice link, things would have been much more easier then. And if someone just wants to solve the problem even after the contest has ended, without reading the editorial, what choices does he have rather than customizing the URL ?

I will try forwarding your idea to admin, but personally it doesnt seem extremely urgent right now. There are things that demand attention from @admin at this time, like fixing server glitches etc.

Guys, just found out this awesome Chrome extension that not only solves this problem but also provides a number of other features :

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Please allow us to submit the problems for LoC September .It has been quite some time or Is it only me who cannot submit ???

This is good.!

It’s very simple @jagreetdg

if this is the link to contest

then just remove the contest name ,i.e, SEPT17 and then press enter so now it will become ,this will be the link for practice one

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