[Request] Should we allow Team Participation in regular contest??

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Today I was going through Somewhat suspicious coder kgcstar and kutengine competing in teams? . I’m not interested in raising issue again.

Since CodeChef’s Code Of Conduct Says -

You may try to solve a problem as a team, but then make sure that there is only one submission made for a discussed solution in a contest. Submitting the same solution (even algorithm) by the different members of the team or a discussion group is not fair and will be considered as plagiarism.

Instead If we also have team registration option in long, cook and lunchtime. Due credit can be given to all members. If few individual’s register/participate as a team. Then if a individual tries to submit from his personal account (accidentally), pop up can be shown to him that you are not allowed. This can save team from plagiarism hammer.

This will also help teams for preparations for ACM-ICPC. Ultimate objective of CodeChef

My point is If it is allowed then why there is no way to register/participate as team ??

And I cannot find any button for creating a team. Only method I found I look for upcoming team contest. And register for that contest after creating team. Does there exist any method to register team other than this.

P.S. - Contest like IOITC181 should have a team participation option.

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IOITC181 shouldn’t be a team contest as there are only 3 questions. Anyways I also feel there should be regular contests conducted (specially short contest, ICPC style) . Also there should be something like codeforces gym implemented in codechef too as people can use it for team training over past problems. But again I believe it’s on us! Because most of us are more interested in participating than problem setting. It’s very difficult for a handful of setters to make questions for 3 contests every month. So we (everyone of us) should also take some responsibility, try coming up with good problems and contributing them whenever we can. Anyways its a request to the admin to please start some form of monthly team contests.