request on EDITORIALS....

A small request on EDITORIALS, that is before presenting the algorithm to the problem in EDITORIAL just explain the algorithm or logic of the problem by taking a small example like what they do in geeksforgeeks. This makes people understand better and can improve their thinking skills and also reduces the number of doubts they are posting on EDITORIALS pages. This is my request not anything else, because it(explaining with example) doesn’t take much time for the people to understand who are looking at EDITORIALS. I hope that people who prepare EDITORIALS for this long challenge will post their algorithm with a small example before posting their algorithm(i.e first example then algorithm like in geeksforgeeks).



Are there any difficulties let me know, because there is no reply from the people who take editorial job.

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Well. If no one posts the answers, then I will try to do so as an answer/comment to the editorial. Sometimes, I have seen that those who have written the editorial are too intelligent and take too mny things for granted.

On a personal note, I remember that a problem RECTQUER (December 2013) required us to calculate a “prefix array”. I just could not understand it even though he had put up a nice diagram for it. But now, I feel that it is too simple and a bit of thinking is enough to understand it. Also this shows that it is difficult to think like a newbie, when you are asked to prepare editorials of all the questions. Their main focus naturally tends slightly towards the medium-difficult levels as they find the easy ones as bit lesser interesting. Other reason is that probably they might have already solved a more tougher version of that problem previously. So they dont have to start from scratch.

So one of my ideas is that the person with least rating who has solved that problem should also be asked to give his ideas about the problem. I am sure this will help those who could not solve a particular problem.