Request for Video Editorials

Codechef have to post video editorials(Average level) for problems of Lunch-time,short,long, everyone can learn in such a great way.

Please show ur support if u’r agree with suggestion.
give suggestions …
@admin please consider,so we can learn in easy way

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Yes! Codechef should provide video editorials, and it would be more fun and fruitful for beginners like me.

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thanks for ur support.hope so codechef consider this

me 2 agreed with this… support ON !!

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Agreed. It will take a lot of effort, but generally someone explaining something in video is quite beneficial. The reason is, while that thing takes ~500 words in typing, it might take just 30sec-1min to cover it up.

Also, one can cover up difficulties of “understanding accent” by using sub-titles (if needed).

It’d be a nice initiative, support it 10/10 !! :slight_smile:


thanks for ur support,but we got only 4 upvotes,may be codechef will not consider this

codechef, by no means, give more weightage to suggestion receiving more upvotes or stuff. Its a misconception dear. If admin feels that your suggestion is reasonable, implementable and will be a big hit, they will swiftly implement it. When a suggestion isn’t implemented, then most of the times its because of the constraints they are in. And we must understand that, and possibly help them in any way possible to us :). I hope my point came across amicably to you :slight_smile:

Agree to this.

A picture is worth 1000 words.

A video is worth 1000 pictures.

Videos are gonna be more useful for beginners. Would be a much welcomed change.

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okay,hope so…

wow…@admin check this

It may be difficult for codechef but if they anyhow could do this,it will be very helpful for many.


@codechef should consider

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do upvote…so we can proove majority

agreed with the proposal.

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yeah thanks man for ur support

Hi @vivek96,

I actually had this discussion with CodeChef, and they are very interested in the idea. However, they face the following challenges:

  1. The content quality has to be good. CodeChef should not and will not associate itself with videos that are not up to their standard.

  2. The time to make these editorials is huge. CodeChef is a non-profit and has limited time and resources to invest. Creating video editorials for every long challenge isn’t feasible for them.

They like people taking initiative, and encouraged me to go ahead with my video editorial idea. When I saw that the Feb Long Challenge doesn’t have any, I picked the task up.

However, it might be impossible for CodeChef to officially endorse any of these. Thats the sad reality today.


i am agree with u,but if problem setters or codechef provide tutorials on youtube,they can earn from youtube by no of views etc,so its possible,video needs 5-6 minutes and written editorials need more time then videos,if the quality is matter i dont think so that we dont have good coders like u.

time taken is huge? i dont think so it need 24 hours…sorry.

They can’t earn by no. of views. They might not get more than about 1000 views and for earning money we need lots more views.


they can earn from channel,only 1000 no,i think more than 5 k,because beginners wanst to learn new concepts if videos are made for them