Request for Indian Programming Camp 2017 Materials

Dear Organisers,

Kindly provide us with the materials given to the attendants of the programming camp taking place at IIT Gandhinagar. Many of us are unable to go to the camp, but would still like to be able to learn from its lessons. I realize that the materials do get uploaded eventually, but it would be amazing if they can be available during the month of July, even along with the camp. For many students, the academic semester starts at August, and July is the last month of summer holidays. It would be convenient to put time into the topics now.

Thank You

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EDIT 2: Guys please request Codechef to post material, personally on facebook, mail, or any other avenues possible. Do the whole demand -> supply thing.


I feel like this is a genuine request and will definitely help us!


Yes it would be very helpful for training.


Yes you are right.For almost all competitive programmers academic semester starts in August and it will be helpful to many of us if they upload videos in july .Hope they consider our request and upload videos.I will request them through mail.


It would be great if they upload the videos in this month.

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Yes, they should upload the materials.It will help everyone.

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Yes, this would really help.

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Yes, it will be uploaded ASAP.


Thank you!! You guys are the best!

Thanks to the community too, for their support. As the Q has been answered by admin, theres no more scope of discussion, hence closed. Please comment incase you want to re-open it ^^

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