Request for editorials of more contest

It is a sincere request to Codechef to please provide editorials for other contests that are hosted on its platform. Currently, hardly any contest other than Long contest, Cook Offs and Lunch Time have editorials and other contests do not have any editorials. If someone like me just solves problems in the contest and then is not able to upsolve them, it will hardly improve my performance. This is a big discouragement for me and so I am not able to participate in more contests on Codechef. I know its not easy writing editorials for contests but if Codechef could provide some incentives for writing quality editorials or if some other solution could be found to this problem, it would be of great help to programmers like us.

There is no doubting the quality of questions that are there on this site. But if someone is unsuccessful in solving some problem, he would like to know how to solve it, and only then his coding abilities will improve else he would be discouraged from solving problems on codechef.


Hey prateek, We will take your suggestion in to consideration and will try to publish the editorials for all the contests hosted with us. If there is any specific contest for which you need editorials, you can let us know.