Request for copy button on user solution page


Here is scenario like following :

I want to copy the code of another userAjinkya’s Solution to execute,and making the comment in that solution for my own understanding, then I need to copy this code to my Ide.
but to copy the code,there is no button, I need to select whole code manually, sometimes it is quite irritating while scrolling.

Solution :

put one but on top right/left corner of solution page, which can help to copy the code to clipboard in a single click.
I hope this functionality does not require many implementations Reference.
just need to put single HTML button, that’s all.

Waiting to see to copy button over solution page


if it is helpful then it should be there
i think it is not that necessary

You can copy using the PLAIN TEXT link. The PLAIN TEXT link is present just above the "#include bits/stdc++.h " line and below the solution number.

  1. Open the code in PLAIN TEXT.
  2. Press ctrl + A.
  3. Press ctrl + C.

And the code is copied :slight_smile:

Use ctrl + V to paste it on your IDE.


Thanks a lot @lohit_97 for plain text link, It’s quite helpful.

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Welcome :slight_smile: I was also quite amused after discovering that plain text link. It really made the work easy.

it was but we got plain text thing :-}