Request for Change in Timings of Lunchtime and Cook - Off.

This is a request to @admin that rated contests like lunchtime and cook-off be held after 9 pm as for most of the students in Indian colleges the mess timing are from 8-10 pm and therefore if the contest starts before 9 pm then we don’t get enough time to have dinner. So to avoid this problem if the contest starts after 9 pm or even 8:30 pm we can get enough time to have our dinner. I hope @admin does something for it :slight_smile:


This is the point worth reconsidering as the participation increases… and maybe this is the main point for the less participation in Lunchtime and Cook-off compared to Long Challenges.
By the way, thanks for bringing this problem out!! Hope it will change :slight_smile:

No please. Cook-Off is mainly for college students and lunchtime is mainly for school students. So, ideally what they should do for LTIME is keep the time 7:30 - 10:30 as the next day there won’t be any school and also most parents don’t allow to sleep that late so its the best timing.


Yeah.I agree.I am a student too and I have faced this problem many times.
please upvote this I want to upvote your question too but due to damn less karma point I cannot.

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Lunchtime isn’t mainly for school students, the ratio of college students giving lt to that of school students is too high, and for lt even if it starts from 8:30 it might be ok for most of the students both in college as well as school.


Lunchtime is “aimed” to help students appearing for IOI, while Cook-Off is for ACM. So yes, Lunchtime is for school.


I do face this issue always. And Lunchtime ALWAYS co-incides with dinner. In fact, I have come to think that they give 3 hours for 4 problems just to accomodate for dinner in between :stuck_out_tongue: XD

But speaking in all seriousness, if you are able to come up with better timing slot, I think you will speed up the procedure of your suggestion being accepted.

8:00-11:30 pm or 9-12 pm will be sweet spot for everyone i guess

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I also feel the timings for cook-off could change a little as it ends by 12:00 on sunday and we have college on monday and it is difficult to get up early on monday morning. If cook-offs are on saturdays it will be helpful. It is just my suggestion.

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I think no one will have problem if both contest take place on two Saturdays after 8 pm as Sundays are holidays


@vijju123 agreed that it is aimed to help students appearing in IOI, but this doesn’t changes the fact that ratio of the college students giving it is much higher.

I agree that the ratio is higher for college students, but one must always consider both sides. It’s not always possible for school students to stay up that late. I completely agree with @mathecodician . The timings of Lunchtime (IOI pattern) and Cook-Off( ICPC pattern) are perfect.

“I have come to think that they give 3 hours for 4 problems just to accomodate for dinner in between :stuck_out_tongue: XD”. Lol. @vijju123 - the pro who solves the problems in 2 hours and watches, with great pleasure, rookies making useless and worthless efforts to solve problems in the last hour :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, correct! I remember the last Lunchtime, I was so frustrated with the first problem itself that I didn’t have dinner and could solve only one problem :frowning:
Well, I agree that’s my fault but the suggestion you gave is awesome and I think they must take it into consideration!!