Removing another codechef account

due to inability to change my user name i created another account on codechef.

i start submitting all the codes in my new account which i had already written and submitted in my previous account.

then i read code of conduct on codechef and found that i am not supposed to have 2 account on codechef and no two accounts can have the same solution … then i deleted my new account . but what i found that submitted solution from new account is still available in contest . so i am fearing for plagiarism charge as i am new here and i was unaware of it…

as the solution is completely mine but submitted with two accounts , and i have already deleted my new account … please save me from any plagiarism charge

First of all I dont see that you are charged plagiarism.

As far as I know you will be charged with plagrism as you have submitted the same code through 2 accounts which will definitely be detected by MOSS. Nothing can be done regarding this now as having 2 accounts is a violation of the Codechef Code of conduct.

When you say you submitted the previously written codes, you mean that you submitted them for the problems that were now shifted to practice section right?? Or have you submitted them for an ongoing contest at that time??

If it’s the first case then as far as i know you need not have to worry.