Remove this feature Admin !!

@admin , Its been 17 hours since I asked a question here in Codechef and all I could get was 27 views THANKS TO YOUR NEW FEATURE OF SHOWING ONLY POPULAR QUESTIONS …!!! This is absolute nonsense. Due to this feature, the verve with which the doubts were clarified before has reduced. Some questions are going unanswered. If this is the case how will we learn?? Your feature is similar to this scenario !! - RICH BECOME RICHER , POOR BECOME POORER. only popular questions get views. If that is the case when will our doubts get clarified?? My sincere request to people at codechef - WE LIKE CODECHEF TO BE EDUCATIONAL RATHER THAN COMMERCIAL. DO NOT TRY NEWER THINGS TO MAKE US HAPPY, JUST KEEP POSTING THE EDITORIALS ON TIME, THIS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. Hope you people understand and I hope i have not angered anyone.




:smiley: Frustrated bro. These guys try all sorts of out of the world stuff and are missing on simple things. In our parlance, what is the use if one can solve medium hard problems and JUST CANT SOLVE simple ad hoc problems (will deny them valuable lead in timed competitions.) :confused: :smiley:

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Thank God they made it right again :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s not yet fixed :frowning:

Right, the old system Should be brought back and the people advertising here should be banned.

I think that such advertising posts are not allowed and people should refrain from posting such stuff here.

Here are some posts which get bumped frequently :

And what not!!!

These are just few. Admins should take action.

Your list seems weird to me. Sorry to say dear, but the problem is seeing Q like “Post pone Cook-Off due to India-Pak match” still on homepage is the problem.


whats the sense in showing questions that are closed


I have to agree. Please fall back to the former model of displaying questions on the main page.

@admin If you have some space to spare, you could display popular questions there. But we need some sort of ‘current topics’ section being given high importance.

I do appreciate the new features and the fact that only experimentation will help make this site better.

Thanks for that :slight_smile:


Yup, I saw new questions, so thought that it might have been fixed :frowning: . Why doesn’t Codechef listen to it’s community?? After all it’s doing all this for the betterment of the community…


Just a suggestion to @admin and team codechef if they are planning to introduce some new changes before introducing them have a opinion about them from the codechef community we are the ones who will get affected and if its not possible to consider everyone then they must atleast discuss the pros and cons and how this can affect the community from the most active people of community(i.e. top contributors like @vijju123 @hikarico etc.) as they understand the community well enough and their opinion can play a vital role in improving codechef

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Alas! Due to this feature, this post is in the top of Recent Questions for about 1 week. Really frustrating for those who needs real help!

Guys I have made a video editorial on CLONEME here:

CLONEME Editorial

However, updates on the original post did not reflect on the main page, so I had to edit this post to reach out to you guys.
See what I mean, @admin? :-/


I am a bit less optimistic about changes considering it took them this much time on the issue of 1 karma users being unable to ask Q. I hope this gets reverted soon, in a Q-Ans community, there can be no ‘popular Q’. Once a Q is answered, it should be off the front. Anyone have same Q should use the SEARCH feature. It makes sense in a community where ideas/features are suggested, but not here. We have to communicate ideas to admins, and well…nothing to say except that theres no update on this idea from their side despite the thread being on “Recent Question” since…IDK when…

i’m just not able to ask question on codechef, plz respond its urgent, or someone help me to my query. it goes like this…given an array of elements i have build a segment tree of that array. my ques is i have given a range of index’s and i have to return the index which has max element.(in case of repeted values and index is fine which has maximum value)