Reminder: Contest Rules

Hope you people are enjoying the long contest!

This post just aims to remind you, and introduce the rules to the new guys, that asking anything related to an on-going contest is not allowed. We will be dealing with violators very strictly.

In case we find you asking hints, a suspension until end of contest will be handed over.

In case we found you guilty of sharing code (even WA code) on discuss, a full fledged 10 day suspension along with disqualification from contest will be handed over.

If you have some genuine issues, take it at the comment section of problem where problem setting panel will help you. Should, for some reason, you feel they are wrongly unresponsive, please mail codechef. In case you feel compelled that your issue needs a thread at discuss, please take prior permission by mailing one of the mods.

Hope you guys enjoy the contest! :slight_smile:

With Regards


Thank you so much for your reminder

Can admin pin a post on forum?? I think that will be very useful feature for new comers… no??

I just need 1 of you guys to bump this post once daily :3

done !!!

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I completely agree with @kauts_kanu there should be such a feature so before posting something to discuss(not only related to ongoing contest) newbies can have a look of rules and regulations if possible forward this suggestion to @admin