Rejudging TANKS

Y U NO rejudge / show full scores for the challenge problem? It’s been a day already.

UPD: Aaand the scores are gone. Definitely not what I expected.


Agreed. Technically, rejudging is just a matter of pressing a button in an interface :slight_smile: [ I know I’ve done this once when I was a tester for one of the long contests ]. There’s also the need to manually change the “master judge” as far as I know (i.e. to make it consider the scores of all 20 test files, not just of the first 4). But that’s also fairly simple - it’s just a matter of selecting the right “master judge” from a drop-down list. So I can only imagine that there must be some other issues. Can @admin comment on this?


Hi @mugurelionut: Rejudge has been done, but it seems that there are some issues with that. The full scores have not been updated. We are trying to figure out the issue.

Hmm, could it be that the master judge hasn’t been updated properly?

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yes i totally agree there should be a rejudge!!
ps i dont now what i am talking i just want to earn karma so i can ask my own doubts :stuck_out_tongue:
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Stop begging ,start earning :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why the scores still haven’t been updated? Is there a reason? Is somebody working on it?
It would be fantastic to receive any kind of information from site administrators.
@admin tell us!


Come on, this is moving at the pace of a salted snail. The Cook-off is tomorrow and the scores aren’t even final yet?


It’s been almost a week and yet the rejudging has not been done. -___-


@dpraveen, @admin: The issue with rejudging the problem TANKS was not fixed. All AC solutions now have a score of 0 and a reported time of 0.00. This is obviously wrong. What is worse, the ratings were updated based on these results for the problem TANKS - this is not necessarily an issue by itself (ratings can be re-updated at any time), but it shows that no one looked at all at the results of the problem TANKS after the rejudge; otherwise the issue with all 0 scores would have been instantly visible. Please take another look at this.


The proper rejudge has finally been done. I can see the final scores now.

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I noticed as well, seems like a Christmas present from Codechef :D. (No big surprises for me, anyway.)

The main scoreboard remains improperly updated for me, but that doesn’t really matter.

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@xellos0: The main scoreboard is lagging behind the rejudge of the challenge problem in almost every long contest. But then it eventually gets updated (I don’t know if that requires some action from the admins or if it’s going to happen automatically).

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Oh. I didn’t even notice till now.

Tanks is still not include in ranks for DEC15. (for few competitors only)

In three days begin JAN16. Clock is ticking. Aaaaaaaaaa, panic.

Usually I spent more time for solving challenge task then for all other together, for usually only 20-30 places higher rank on the end.

This is nice, interesting but also hard and heavy work.

So common Chef, fix this and update the ranks.


I started a new topic about this particular issue here: You may also try sending an email to about this. I did and nothing happened, yet, but maybe if more people complain about the same issue, they will look into it.