Rejudge - problem CHEFCODE (MAY17)

when will all submissions for the Problem CHEFCODE rejudge finish? and where will i see my rejudged-result ?.
I sure that my solution gets 30points or more ,but i always get WA. thanks

What do you mean by “rejudged” ? If you are getting WA, it means your code is wrong. I dont see where “rejudging” comes into the picture. Please explain a bit more.

If you submit it now, your code will run on latest cases. Only old submissions are rejudged.

05/06/2017, 10:32 hrs IST: All submissions for the Problem CHEFCODE have been rejudged. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. in ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Yes, submissions before 05/06/2017, 10:32 hrs are rejudged.

That was in morning. Any code submitted after it will run on latest/updated test cases. Rejudging wont have any effect on it.

thanks ,i got 100 points .

XD. Good job.

Sad, i got only 30 :frowning: