Registration for ICPC Kharagpur 2013 online round

Hello. I wanted to ask that where do we have to provide our Codechef user id for participating in the ACM ICPC Kharagpur Online Round 2013. My team is constantly receiving mails about incomplete registration and our team status is PENDING. We click on the link provided in the email but nothing happens. All the people who has successfully registered please guide us to complete my team registration so that we could also compete. Our team is accepted by Amritapuri so I think our profiles on Baylor website are complete. Please guide and help us. Thank you.


@iron_maiden : To complete your registration for ACM-ICPC Kharagpur, you have to register your team name and coach’s e-mail id on this link

After successful registration here, a mail will be sent to your coach’s e-mail id and there the Codechef id handles will be required.

Thats it!


should we have to pay for iit karagpur online event?
i beard that we need to pay for the event in kanpur.
pls tell me?
can i register now for iit karagpur?

No you don’t have to pay for the online’s free.yup u can register now i guess the last date is 26th oct. so hurry…:slight_smile:

Thank you very much priyank20011. It seems that our coach failed to inform us about the mail. Thanks again.!

@subway: thanks buddy…:slight_smile:

Can I add another team member after the registration is complete? I added only two members originally.
Thank you.