Regarding TLE in CNPIIM

Sir, I am getting TLE when I uploaded, but according to my test cases (2500 * 50) i.e all 50 cases consist of 2500, my output time was 0.5 s.I could not understand the problem,so please help.

where did u run the code…??


I am the setter of this problem and I’ve already looked at your submissions…

All I can say now is that there is a much, much faster way to do what you’re trying to do :slight_smile:

This will be closed because it’s an ongoing contest.



That’s ok! I will try newer version.But one thing I could not understand was, there are atmost 50 test cases,each test case was atmost 2500 and time taken to execute these atmost 50 cases should be <= 2s right ?,now in my pc I tried to execute these 50 cases consisting of 2500 (max of all test cases so that remaining numbers(<2500) take <= this time) and my output time is <=0.6s.This 0.6 sec < 2s so it should get accepted.I could not understand what’s happening in between. Same situation got happened atleast twice in the past, so please explain atleast after the contest

Maybe test server is 4 times slower than your home PC :wink: Or your test is not the worst one, but we cannot discuss this at this time…

try to run ur code with the same input on …dont forget to make ur code private…u will get to know how much time it really takes…as both ideone and CC use a common platform!!!

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I got it thanks! it’s taking 4.4 sec to run. I will try of more optimized version