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it would be very helpful, for which test cases our code does not hold is informed to us, isn’t it possible?

Think about this, sometime in future you’ll be working as a computer programmer or software developer or whatever you want to do with programming. You’ll make a program and get some error, there will be no one to help you, what code chef teaches us to find the bug ourselves. So, that we can be a better programmer. Believe me, when I joined codechef two months ago, I was thinking same as you, but now I’m really glad that codechef doesn’t tell us the testcases. It makes our brain to think more!!

Hope this helps!

You think it will help you, but when you see N={10}^{5} and so many elements in input, it becomes literally impossible to debug. Runtime errors are pretty easy to fix, you must be doing some silly error somewhere.

Sometimes it happens because of Recursion Depth exceeded exception. I face this most of the time in python because of default limit 1000. But because of constraints it can reach 100000. It can be easily checked by randomly generating large testCases and can be easily fixed by manually increasing limit in code like this…

import sys

I don’t know If it will you there but I certainly did for me many times… Hope, I am breaking any rule by helping like this during live contest…

Btw… I am agree with @vijju123 that test cases will not help in debugging if numbers are very big…

Thanks ,It atleast gave me some hope

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@knight041998 hope is everything bro!!

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