Regarding Problem setting at codechef

As written in the rules, I sent my problem idea along with along the description to codechef. And got an automatic conformation from [email protected] with the details I filled. But later I realised, that while writing problem statement I did a very little mistake but with that mistake the problem becomes a piece of cake (Anyone knowing how to use printf and scanf will be able to solve it).

So, I replied to smruti@codechef with the correction. And it’s been 2 days and I haven’t got any reply. Did they reject my problem just by seeing the mistaken statement as it was trivial and didn’t bother to check my reply?

If they didn’t then how much time they usually take to get back to you, and whom I can contact as it doesn’t seem that [email protected] sees or reply to mails?

Please help me as it will be the first problem I set and I have invested ample amount of time in forming it…

@vijju123 @admin Please look into this.

Resubmit the problem idea. BTW, default response time can vary from a few weeks to many months. I think Hard level difficulty gets a preference.

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Mine was (according to me) easy-medium. So can you tell me if there’s anyone I can contact to enquire about the status of my problem submission?

@pshishod2645 Wait for their reply. The corrections you mailed will be considered by the admin while he is reviewing your problem. You may have to wait for months for their reply. If you want, depending upon in which contest you want your problem to be used, you may contact @mgch and @kingofnumbers.

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Yes, you can contact @mgch and @kingofnumbers and send your problem idea with correction there as well. I wont risk it by thinking “I have mailed as well, they will get the corrections”" because contest admins are very busy- its human to miss a mail or two.

@vijju123 I’m asking really dumb question but how to contact them. message on codeforces, or facebook?

Emails. [email protected] and [email protected] . These are formal email ids of contest admins which are used for official purposes.

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