Regarding (possible) bug on CodeChef site



So I found this (possible) bug on CodeChef’s site. Not exactly critical, but certainly looks ugly.

When you click on the ‘About’ button on the top right side of the page, it appears pressed in all the time. The Page I am talking about here is

Now that wouldn’t have matter much, but it certainly looks odd when you hover the mouse over it (please try it yourself) and when you go to any other page under the About tab, the ‘button pressed’ look goes away. For example have a look at this page - which is also under the “About” tab.

So I feel that this could possibly be a small bug (again not exactly a bug, but certainly not what the Developer intended to do) that could be present on the page, specifically.

Here is an image of the thing I am talking about. (The ‘button pressed’ effect)

alt text

and just an example of how the button pressed effect doesn’t appear on any other page

alt text

I have already sent a mail regarding the same to and, and I am using the Discuss forum to bring this to your notice in case you miss my mail.

Edit: I forgot to mention. This effect doesn’t appear on clicking on ‘Community’ or ‘Help’ tabs. That’s why I suspect this could be a bug.

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In either case report this bug on
They will surely respond whether the bug was legit or not.
I hope it helps !

I have already sent a mail regarding the same to and, and I am using the Discuss forum to bring this to your notice in case you miss my mail.

You missed that part i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


I have. I even mentioned about the same on this post :slight_smile:

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There’s no need to create threads about bugs here on discuss. A mail on is all what is needed and if they find it a potential threat then they will get back to you.

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I mentioned the purpose of this thread on my post. Please read it again.

I have read of instances when the mails sent to CodeChef go unnoticed (although they are rare).


If already mailed then no worries, the admin will look into the issue.


Please avoid making such threads.


@vijju123 you are right. I shouldn’t have marked it as ‘community wiki’. Correcting it now. Thanks.

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I appreciate that you corrected it :slight_smile:

@shraeyas would you tell me why did you report and downvote my question? I dont think this question is off-topic. Neither this post seems non-relevant, nor it is off-topic.

Try to use your senses (if you have any). Understand the meaning and consequences of what you are doing before taking any action.



“These kind of threads are not needed here. If you have found any bug then simply mail that to

That’s what I tried to tell you in my comment above (if you possibly got any senses for that).

And the question seemed off topic and not relevant to me, that’s why I flagged it. Simple.

Happy Coding.

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Well you have clearly failed to read my post. And I don’t want to reiterate what I said. I have mentioned that I have mailed to

Firstly, the topic here is “Possible bug”. So the post is nowhere off-topic. I think you still don’t understand that. I hope this explains this.

Secondly it is just a bug issue I am raising, and such issues have been raised in the past. I don’t see how it is irrelevant.

I don’t mind you flagging it and the downvote. What I fail to understand is the reasoning behind it. But well, individual perspectives.