Regarding Pizza Slice JAN19

It’s given in the question that x isnotequalto z.
Taking that constrain gave wrong answer.
After including the case x=z, it gave correct answer.
Please Clarify.


I can confirm that given constraints are wrong.

Thanks guys!I was stuck over it for more than a day !_!

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Yes, seems they are wrong, x can be equal to z. Seems the statements can be not synchronized in the last time :frowning:

Same happened with me,but never mind

Yes, when I was doing question x!=z was not given but later it was added,it can create a mess for the coders.
Thanks to @saurabhshadow for clearing the doubt.

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Thanks @saurabhshadow for clarifying this you are such nice guy…

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I don’t see the condition that x!=z anywhere in the problem statement. Was it in the earlier version of the problem statement?

Where is it given that x is not equal to z? Or is the problem statement edited now?

I can confirm that the problem has been updated, yet the change is not announced.

Its mentioned |x - y| = 1, and |y - z| = 1 , so x = 1, y = 2, z = 1 is a valid input, its nowhere mentioned x != z

AFAIK, the statement had been updated by the time you guys read it?

It is mentioned in the problem that : Mark N points A1,A2,A3,…,AN on one ray in this order (A1 is closest to A0).

So does that mean, first comes A0,then A1,then A2 and so on… or I can randomly mark A1,A2,A3,A4,…ETC…wherever I want ?


All these 2N−1 line segments must have equal lengths, which must also be equal to |

Never mind

This just happened for few hours and it was fixed after that. Sorry for the inconvenience caused then.

It was an issue for a few hours, we thought it not to give an announcement for it when it got cleared, because it was obvious and falling more on the intuitive side worthy to be checked again by the users. Though, Really regret for the inconvenience caused.