Regarding okrdx!

how to add every student of my university available on codechef to the okrdx list?


Contact the admin from the link above and email him regarding your query , he is a nice person and will definitely help you . He also helped me .

Hope it helps and Solves your problem .

Let the programming spread :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking this question , i had the same doubt .

You can add users manually also or ask them(students) to add themselves.

Just enter your college name and choose add username!

Make sure that the users have mentioned the college name in their Codechef profile.

Instead of searching through all the handles for every request, you (okrdx admin) should process each user name only once by putting them in respective colleges of your database.

I guess this answer would close the question.

sidgupta234 : Your college was already present on Please retry using the select box.

proxy_s : Your college has been successfully added.
Add your friends codechef handle and raise the competition level for competitive programming in your college… :slight_smile:

Happy programming… :smiley:

PS : For future additions, please refer its_pheonix answer. Actually it was earlier on google doc form, but checking it on daily basis for college addition request was a little more time taking than I had thought. So any form of communication, through Email/Facebook (either to me or to okrdx page )
I check them all daily… :slight_smile:

@sidgupta234 @proxy_s check the answer I posted.