regarding laddus

exactly how much time codechef takes for processing laddus of a contest ??

can someone give me a upper bound :smiley:

Till when January challenge laddus will be given

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For long challenge, MOSS process takes around 1 month on average. You should get laddus soon though, usually they are there by 45 days after contest (at least for long. It should be much quicker for short contests as their MOSS takes very little time.)

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thanks for clarification XD

it means by the end of February we should be getting laddus for January challenge : )

Experience tells me that you will get laddu only when you Moderators are fed up answering - “When I will get Laddu for ____??” :stuck_out_tongue:
Jokes apart.

PM Codechef FB page - “Do you plan to distribute laddu for ___??”
Laddus will be delivered in your account within 48 hrs.
^^ Successfully tested Ninja Technique. It works.

Experience tells me that you will get laddu only when you Moderators are fed up answering - "When I will get Laddu for ____??" :P

In that case you wouldnt have ever got laddus :stuck_out_tongue: . Rumors say the moderator is quite patient :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats why I mentioned one ninja technique.
Not sure which one of these two worked :stuck_out_tongue:

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will try the ninja technique now… have been waiting since nov lunchtime

Lol. College students don’t get Laddus in Lunchtime.
@vijju123 comment on previous threads - Laddus upto Dec18 are already awarded.

I have 100% participation since nov lunchtime 2017 :frowning:

Cook-Off will never allow me to get 100% participation :frowning:
But Long is there to balance Laddus :stuck_out_tongue:

i will try the ninja technique : )
thanks for sharing

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will try your ninja technique ; )

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I will wait for 3-4 days after snackdown finals.
After that, I will try one more ninja technique :stuck_out_tongue:

when will be January Challenge Laddu’s distributed

Its already like 40 days past

@vijju123 and @admin please say something

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is there some mail where I can drop my concern of laddus ??

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(For those who have not yet got their previous winning, please send an email to
But they will read (reply) mail only after crediting laddus.


Jan long laddus will take some time. Expect it sometime near beginning of March.

I hope you can @rest_in_piece now.

and what about jan cook off and lunchtime ??

do codechef only credit laddus after each and every single person sends them email

I am very disappointed

till now january challenge laddus are not credited