regarding editorials of dec14

When will be the editorials served?

When the contest ends and it was extended for 2 hours…

edit: Probably I’m wrong, announcement says

The December Challenge 2014 has been extended for 2 hours ONLY for CHEFPRESS problem. It will accept submissions till 1700 hrs IST. No other problem will accept submission after 1500 hrs IST.

So editorials are comming soon I believe :wink:

Yes . editorials will be served once the contest is over .

i.e. after 17:00 hrs IST.


I just read their fb post saying editorials will b served after 1700 hrs IST

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no you are wrong , check facebook page of codechef

thats what they said :-

The editorials for #DEC14 will be posted after 1700 hrs IST

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Thanks, curenlty I have no FB access (I do not like that they are posting important things on FB only).


I think because most of the peoples post on their facebbook page about the problem and keep commenting this makes them to post there , however it should be posted to forum also .

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They post some announcements on fb and some here(not all) .I think they must post all announcements here on site alteast.

I’m the editorialist.

Editorials for 6 problems: CAPPLE, CHEFBR, CHEFPRES, KALKI, SANSKAR, XORSUB will be uploaded in 20-30 minutes. Editorial for SEAGCD also will be uploaded soon. The remaining 3 will be served with a delay.

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Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

The editorials have been posted. You can check them all here: