Regarding Contest Wins

Do top 3 challenge problem solvers Indian or Global (apart from winners) in long challenge contest get laddus?
If yes then how many laddus do they get?
Also is it necessary for those winners to be in top 100 in final ranklist?

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In addition to the above prizes. Top 10 global, Top 20 Indian, Top 5 school (Indian), Top 5 school (Global), Top 3 challenge problem solvers Indian and Global (apart from the winners), Top 5 girl coders given that they are among top 100 in the final ranklist (this will be irrespective of the region) get CodeChef laddus with which the winners can claim cool CodeChef goodies, know more here:

these are the important lines written at long challenge webpage… by clicking on that link yu will get to know about how many laddus you will get…

If you still have doubt then feel free to ask again

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:
But its not mentioned how many laddus do top challenge problem solvers get…

see the link

hey bansal! What do we mean by “top 3 challenge solvers” ? Does it mean top 3 people who solved most Q of contest? But then shouldn’t they already by top 3 in leader board if they are top 3 in problem solving in contest?

@vijju123 They give it to top 3 who has got maximum points in the challenge question.

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Thanks dear!!

Just read the instruction of any long challenge! You will get to know!