Regarding Contest Wins

Hey guys! A quick question.

Codechef says that on contest win, we get 300 laddus and bonus, which is 21-rank.

So I have a little confusion over this “contest win”

I mean, do all in top 20 get 300 laddus +bonus, or only 1st rank gets 300 laddus+ bonus while other 19 get only bonus (and no 300 laddus)

(I mailed codechef…but its over a month now and they gave no reply… so I would appreciate if you people would help :slight_smile: )

No. Its not the way.

All in top 20 get laddus. The first ranker will get 320 while 20th gets 300.


Dear @ankesh18, I have seen your profile you have 68 rank in codechef long challanges. Have you earned laddus for securing a rank around 100?

No, i didn’t get for 68. That number doesn’t matter. What matters is your India rank. Once I had rank 42 and India Rank 8. Got 312 laddus :slight_smile:

Ok Thanks.

Thanks for clarification dear!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: