Regarding codechef being too slow

Noticed codechef was too slow on submissions, happened with everyone out there. Yes the submission time is noted, but the time we wait to see if its correct so that we can proceed to the next question is wasted, which should not be happening with only 2906 participations. With ACM-ICPC around the corner in 2 weeks , i wonder how they are going to address it as this will be a massive disappointment if same thing repeats on 5th.
@admin its a request to look into the matter , do not expect to waste so much of time waiting to see if its correct or not.
p.s- i cannot proceed further with a clear mind until and unless i am done with the one which i have submitted.


Exactly same problem occurs with me everytime when i participate in short contest…and also,codechef has to extend 30 min more for slow submission in some past contest so its time to sort out this problem.


If it were so easy to fix, it would have been already fixed and wouldnt have existed right now.

The problem addressed is very true. Also, if anyone is open to sharing any ideas and strategies tackling such issues while the contest is running, I would love to know about it.

Right now, it just seems like a factor of luck if in case any small Test Case gets missed out while submitting.

Disabling RankLists, Discuss (like done in Snackdown) doesn’t seem to be a possible solution to this massive issue.

hoping this thing is not repeated at acm icpc regionals

Actually for slow submission i had to wait most of the time and even could not see other problem during this time.

last year during icpc online queues were like 15mins :\

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Yes, CodeChef should looked into this matter and fix this as soon as possible

  • Codechef being the prime platform for most competitive coding should be more aware of the performance of their platform.
  • In comparison to other popular platforms, Codechef feels much messy and unorganized for a naive or any beginner.
  • The submission platform of Codechef is laggy and causes errors in several occasions. For online live contests, this time lag means a lit and thus should be fixed.
  • We have bigger expectations from Codechef as a whole. All of us who started their journey in CP expect Codechef to grow more and bigger in future.

" i wonder how they are going to address "

By improving the difficulty level of problems compared to Previous Year to avoid Submissions OverFlow.
Well Played… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, yeah, right.

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Should We have another regional qualification round, given these many factors:

  • Wrong Judgement of Compression Algorithm
  • Lag of Judgement on 2nd problem.

These are some serious issues which force team to change their strategy and let external factors control a programming contest.

Maybe its good for preventing ddosing? idk