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I got a mail telling that i am eligible for the ccdsap scholarship as i was the topper from my college in the November Long challenge. I eagerly applied for the scholarship and i gave my Pancard details while registration. Later i came to know that i should carry my original government issued id card (pan card here) to the exam center.
But my original Pancard is in my home which is 1100Kms far from my college. I lost my wallet once and then onwards my father is not allowing me to carry originals with me. The exam is on 19th and i should start my journey on 18th. It is pretty difficult to get my original Pancard within 3 days, even speed post takes 5 to 6 days. I have mailed to mentioning my problem, but they told that it is mandatory.
I also told them that i can get the print out of my Original Aadhar card through online, but they told that Original Pancard is necessary as i gave my Pancard details while registration. I don’t know why the hell they need original id card when there are many ways to confirm the identity?

Now i don’t have any other option other than leaving the exam. Please tell me if there is any better option?

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@admin please give the solution to this problem.

The rules are put up from Day one on the website. Refer this -

Also read up the FAQ -

The process of verification has been put in place to make sure that there is no impersonation. That is the point of having a proctored exam.

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