Regarding CCDSAP Mock Test

Hey guys, Can you please tell me if only Enrolled people can participate in Mock Test?? I am not able to submit answers…

No, anyone can submit answers to Mock Test.

This issue was resolved later. You can submit and get the result of your solution, though you cannot view the submissions of others. :slight_smile:


I am new here so unable to ask questions. I wanted to ask if there are any other dates for ccdsap exam as i will not be able to give the exam on 21st january 2018. i have not enrolled as of now. Is there any other date or how many times a year is the exam held or if ccdsap is held once a year then please let me know that too. awaiting !

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As of now, 21st January 2018 is the only available date. Future dates will be announced soon i hope. And no, CCDSAP is held multiple times over a year. I guess @vijju123 and @admin will be able to tell about the future schedule of the exam. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @ashutosh450