Regarding ACM ICPC

1)How many teams are selected from 1 college?

2)If there are 5 regionals sites and there are 5 teams from a college and every team registered for different regional site then will each of the 5 team go to the regionals?

3)can a person select 2 regional sites?

4)If there is only one team from a college and that team has not solved a single problem in ACMIND17 then will that team go to regional site?

  1. This year it will be only 1 per college since all 5 sites have more unique colleges than alloted seats

  2. all 5 if they are in the top N colleges. (N = number of seats in the site)

  3. yes they can, I’ve selected two as well.

  4. No, first the teams who did not solve a problem or have been caught cheating are removed from the ranklist before doing any selection procedure.


thanxx @swetankmodi and in 3) how many many regional sites can a student select and what will be the fees then?

At max 2. Fees will be double. 3500x2=7000 (3500 is online+onsite both, some sites you pay 750 before and 2750 afterwards)