Reference material for icpc

What are the things our team can include in reference material as it is written in amritapuri sites that Teams are allowed to carry 25 pages printed reference material in the contest arena.

I guess you can take any stuff which you feel is important and you are not completely confident of remembering very clearly during the contest. Maybe some important theorems or some other maths/coding stuff, like small snippets of code.

Btw, did you receive the confirmation mail from Amritapuri which needs to be filled up, to confirm that you are attending the onsite contest and your seat is therby booked. I saw that the last date of filling that form is 20th(Monday). But I did not receive the email yet. Please post an update here when you receive it bro. :slight_smile:

Happy Coding!
Cheers :smiley:

Regarding Reference Material, Would we be having unlimited access to Internet there or all dependency lies on those 25 sheets?

I have not recieve the mail yet.i will inform if I get.

You might have heard about Brian Bi, specially if you are a Quora user. I found this on his github. One can create their own version taking this as a reference.


You will have access to only contest materials like dashboard, problems page, ranklist etc. So you only have those 25 pages as reference and also the programming languages docs.