Recommended IDE for c++


Suggest me some good IDE for c++. I newly installed windows and searching some good IDE. I have no idea what you people code on. All suggestions are welcomed.


Visual Studio

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But it is an expensive software. I can not buy the licensed version. I forgot to mention “SOME FREE VERSION IDE”

Visual Studio Express edition is free…download iso and install :slight_smile:

C-Free Standard with MinGW 4.7 compiler for C++ 11 Support.
Here’s the link :


Link 1 is IDE
Link 2 is CodeLite IDE with MinGW 4.7 Compiler with it. Install C-Free Standard and from Menu Bar choose build options to configure new MinGW compiler. Enjoy !!

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Visual Studio is best. If U WANT FREE VERSION IDE I recommend notepad++ . U can Download it for free HERE

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use vim, you will be surprised.


@lallu1 If you are a college or a school student then you can get a licensed version of Visual Studio for free ( )
Although the express version is more than enough
( )

I am using windows. Cant use vim.

My favorite is code::blocks. Simple, yet elegant.


try Code Blocks.

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U Can U VIm For Windows also :slight_smile: