Reach Equilibrium(EQUILIBR)

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Please someone explain sample test case of above question with required calculation.

Ask this question in commets section of question. And close this question. Asking here is not allowed as per codechef rules.

I have asked in comment section of question yesterday but no one has replied yet.

^^ This is not an acceptable argument to ask this here. Wait a while you will get a reply.

i would request admin to please approve our comments and reply our queries in the comment section,as i too didn’t got any reply on my comments.

Me too !! I also commented same query about giving values of P and Q instead of direct answer… haven’t got a reply…

You would have a got a upvote from me for this question if it didn’t broke rules :smiley:
I suggest you to close your question for now… wait 24 hrs after commenting…

I have also asked query about the same question but no one replied.

I feel this is a genuine request. But please put this all under CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD rather than a new one.

It is OK to request the SETTER or setting panel for the explanation, but its NOT OK to ask community members for that. I hope the point is clear :slight_smile:

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I have asked this query HERE

Posting this to avoid duplicate threads further… And for u guys to check reply there…